I’ve visited World IT show 2016 in Seoul, last week. I was really surprised because there were lots of IT products which I’ve seen in SF movie when I was young.. As you know there were many drones.. which I could buy.. various size!!


Hehe I did’t take the video of drone flying.. I heard that someday drone delivery will be released… Hmm… There will be a sky road which drone can move.. and the Flying car would be developed like the movie “the Fifth element” and other SF movies.. 🙂

If you are a fashion people, you would like this one! The smart-watch!! There are Apple watch and Samsung.. This is more likely for fashion.


And for health!! As IT developed more especially Sensor technology, we could easily receive health-care.. Cervical herniated nucleus, lumbar herniated inter-vertebral disc..
In Korea, neck-disc and waist disc are more called.. If you have these symptoms, you need to sit right..Right? So, this below chair helps you.. First checking the balance.. how much pressure of left side and right side of the chair.


Other than this, like an earphone Bluetooth, when you wear it and you didn’t pose right, the gadget vibrates to send you a signal that you should sit right, pose right. 🙂

As looking around all IT products and services, I thought our lives has become very convenient. At the same time, the weapons also have been developed.. right? hmm.. I hope all the technologies are developed only for our lives, Peaceful world.. 🙂