What images do you picture when you think of your childhood? Winters you sledding in the snow till you have frosty toes, a helium balloon that flew away to the sky, slides in hot summer days, Sesame Street, brain freeze because of ice cream, first ride of bicycle… so many cheerful, happy memories. It will be sweet if everyone can have a happy childhood like that, but there are people who can’t have those. I’m talking about children suffering from the war.

HWPL_DPCW_no war

War is not something we can feel in the world where we live safely, but for someone, it’s a real want to escape from. War is not to decide what is right or wrong, but divide who survived or not. War doesn’t avoid children. It scars everyone. Because adults fight for their benefits and religious conflicts, children have threatened their lives and experiencing miserable lives. Down below is a statistic about civilian and children deaths in the Syrian Civil War.

Civilian deaths_HWPL_DPCW_no war

These deaths include innocent children and their parents. What can we compensate children for they can’t eat, study, and have lost their parents and even their lives? In the documentary film ‘White Helmets’, which covered people rescuing people from bombing in Syrian Civil War, a child was rescued from the wreckage, sitting still as if he forgot how to cry and this child made many people’s tears shed.

The brutalities of people who fight in wars don’t stop here. They forcedly recruit soldiers to fight for them, even children are recruited as soldiers. They are from 5 to 18 and used as tools for wars; as spies, suicide bombers, human shields, and sex slaves. Even UNICEF is rescuing child soldiers, but more of them than the rescued ones are forced to fight in the war and there are already about 40 states where recruit child soldiers illegally.

Since states are forcing 10-year-old, or even 5-year-old children to fight in the war, the UN had set the age limit of a child soldier from 15 to 18. However, that didn’t make any difference. What should be done more than this to prevent children from suffering from war?

What we should do is eliminate wars.

It’s very an idealistic, also undeniable correct answer. It’s not an impossible answer. The reason wars can be started is international law that controls wars says ‘wars may be started if they needed.’ If we fix the international law, we can achieve peace, which seemed impossible to achieve, our and our next generations won’t have to suffer from wars anymore. Shouldn’t innocent children deserve better places more than anyone? Let’s act together. Support the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) to be the international peace law!