Peace – Whether it’s inner peace or world peace, no one refuses peace. Many people have been working for peace and receiving Nobel Peace Prizes. However, no one could give a clear answer when they were asked, “What can we do to achieve peace?” and the world is still suffering from conflictsand crisis of war.

Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) is traveling all over the world to promote the practical answer to achieve peace. This answer is the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) and its 10 articles and 38 clauses. Peace education will sustain the peace that is achieved by the DPCW. Peace education will teach the next generation the importance of peace and practical ways and attitudes to prevent conflicts.

To promote this idea, HWPL held the 2019 Peace Education Conference in Romania during their 31st World Peace tour. The agenda of the conference was the teachers’ role for peace education. After the director of the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) and chairwoman of the International Women Peace Group (IWPG)’s gave speeches, HWPL reported on the present status of peace education. They also revealed students’ reviews on peace education after the students took the classwith the peace education textbooks made by HWPL.

Octavian: “I think that this peace education that we learned after school is the best education because it allows students and children all around the world to talk about man, the only entity that can create a better tomorrow.”

Maria: “HWPL’s peace education made me realize how important it is for us to interdepend on one another and live in harmony. I learned that it doesn’t matter where we come from when it comes to realizing the importance of peace for the future generations.”

Christian: “Through the HWPL peace education, I learned that I must first take part in our regional society in order to actualize HWPL’s vision for world peace. This is because all organisms, including mankind, cannot live alone, and to live together, we must respect one another.”

According to a survey on HWPL peace education, 92 out of 106 students who took the curriculum answered that they would take the class again and 88 out of 106 answered that they are willing to take the next class. Students were able to change their ideas of peace from imagination to reality through peace education.

As students showed a very positive response to even a short peace education, I am confident that the future will be brighter when every student in the world learns it.

After a teacher and a student presented their thoughts about peace education after their experience, Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL gave a keynote speech. Chairman Lee emphasized the necessity of youth and women in achieving world peace. It is because they are the ones who suffer when war breaks out. Innocent youths die fighting in war and mothers who raised and cherished them like jewels lose their children which breaks their hearts. Before Chairman Leeended his speech, he asked all women to join the IWPG and become one for peace.

The result of peace education is already tremendous, but if all students in the world realize they are the ones who can maintain peace and learn how to do it, it’s certain that world peace will last forever. Please support peace education.

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