Actually,  World Peace Summit is not only for just a DAY in a year.

Although it’s well known for its colorful, eye-catching festival and inspiring speeches from the chairman Man Hee Lee from Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) on 18th, there are more than that! Participants will talk about how to achieve peace in a practical, specific way and how will they do it from different aspects. You won’t want to miss other schedules, so here’s the guide to participate in the event by watching the Live broadcast on the website.


Check World Peace Summit schedule below!

  • 18th Sep. 16:00 (GMT+9)

Peace Festival for the 2019 World Peace Summit: 5th Anniversary of the WARP


  • 19th Sep. 10:00 (GMT+9)

2019 Conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of


  • 19th Sep. 14:00 (GMT+9)

2019 International Women‘s Peace Conference

  • 19th Sep. 14:30 (GMT+9)

2019 Peace Education Conference

  • 19th Sep. 15:00 (GMT+9)

2019 International Youth Peace Conference

  • 19th Sep. 15:30 (GMT+9)

5th International Religious Leaders Conference


If you noticed, some of the conferences almost clashes. Watch whatever you like, then watch others with clips later, hopefully, if they were uploaded on the HWPL website, Youtube, or other platforms. I hope they will upload them somewhere on the internet! If I find them, I’ll share on this blog.

See you later!